Types Of Lawn Mowers

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A lawn mower is among the most common used yard maintenance tools for any homeowner. Lawn mowing season usually begins in early April then it continues up to late October in many parts of the country.

Selecting the right lawn mower for your lawn is very important. Below are some of the tips on how to choose the best lawn mower. You need ask yourself a number of questions such as how big your lawn is, where particularly would you like to mow, is it on the hills or slopes and if your neighborhood has restrictions in regard to making noise.

First, you need to know the size of your lawn. If your yard is less than quarter an acre, then you need a small width reel or electric mower. There are a number of great reel mowers. Yards that measure a third of an acre are good if you would like to use a push mower. You can decide to choose a corded or cordless electric kind of mower or a smaller sized gas engine like Craftsman twenty one inch push mower. If you have a yard that is half an acre or larger, you need to consider a gas engine push or even a self-propelled mower.

Basically, big yards need larger equipment. It is possible to mow a yard that is an acre or even more using a push mower even though it will take a long time. Riding mowers usually vary in size and they include alternatives for large or medium lawns. Garden and lawn tractors and zero-turning radius riding mowers cut a larger area with every pass and are among the best lawn mowers selection for a larger yard.

There are a number of lawn mowers that an individual can opt to choose from. They include riding lawn mower, electric lawn mower and push lawn mower.

Riding Lawn Mowers

Most riding grass mowers are the best fun ride machines and extremely cool for an individual to look at. Nonetheless, this machine is a dream for most gardeners who cannot afford this powerful cultivation equipment. A riding mower can be practical time saving equipment for experts and incompetent landscapers. If you are a homeowner who owns a big yard, it is good to invest in riding mower.

Riding mowers have rear engines. They come with a horsepower engine which is normally mounted under the seat of the operator. Riding mower has a sensible power sized cutting blade and they fit well into small grasses with less than an acre. The next level is for medium horsepower riding grass mowers. The mowers used to include an engine at the front; they can fit a large engine because of space. In addition, riding lawn mower has a faster and stronger cutting volume. Medium riding mowers offers better performance on gardens that are hilly and they are a perfect match for yards between one and three acres. Profitable riding lawn mower is designed for large yards, including sports field, they can be very expensive for landowners and will not really offer their best performance in gardens not bigger than three yards.

Electric Lawn Mowers

An electric lawn mower is a lot more common than most people think. Electric lawn mowers are great because of their efficiency. On top of that, this kind of lawn mower is environmentally friendly as well as efficient. An electric mower is usually quieter when compared to a gas mower. Electric mowers that are corded are not practical if the electrical source is not conveniently located. Cordless electric mower will only function on a rechargeable battery and do not need gasoline. An electric mower has a smaller cutting deck thus; its cutting width is typically narrower. There are many manufacturers that manufacture this kind of lawn mower. Therefore, it is your duty to choose the right manufacturer who manufactures quality machines.

Environmentalists love electric lawn mowers because it does not pollute the environment at all even if it is used the whole day. This lawn mower is very reliable especially if you have electricity and faster at the same time.

Push Lawn Mower

Most people consider push lawn mowers to be outdated. They see that using a push mower is inefficient, unnecessary waste of energy and waste of time. Most people are not conscious however that push mowers have continued to advance from time and again along with electric lawn mowers and gas powered riding mowers. There are many benefits attributed to modern push mowers and cheap lawn mowers over the more high-powered varieties.

Push lawn mower is still being used on the market today because it is simple, its design is simple to use and is suitably transportable and inexpensive. These models are very good as they assist one to get more fresh air as well exercise while working. In addition, push lawn mower usually get close contact with the ground compared to large riding models. Thus, you will feel more in touch with grass and will get more of the earth’s energy.

Push lawn mowers normally work with a very simple technology and concept thus, there are few maintenance issues. What you need to check from time to time are the blades. Near the bottom side, you will get more than four to five rotary cutting blades which are installed.

As mower wheels rotate, the blades also rotate in order to cut underlying grass and vegetation. If you would like to buy a push lawn mower, it is good to ask the sales agent to offer a detailed guideline regarding how you will check the blades and then find out if the edges are fine. In case the edges are lost which usually happens after using the mower for some time, the blades need to be removed then sharpened. There is no big deal when it comes to sharpening the blades. You can always use mechanical file to do it physically. The blades usually have some kind of an alignment, and for the lawn mower to function well, the alignment has to be maintained.


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